E-commerce Solutions

Looking for professional E-commerce solutions and shopping cart software? Look no further. Years of experience in E-commerce solutions development have been poured into this full-featured set of merchant tools that make up our popular shopping cart.

Running an E-business requires more than just a "shopping cart" - you need flexible tools to support your customers and market your products and services effectively. Printable packing slips, batch mailing labels, correspondence logs, and detailed sales reports are a must! Nowadays, visitors expect more than just a pretty website design - they want functionality and the ability to interact meaningfully with the site.

As a leading provider of easy-to-manage E-commerce solutions and world-class shopping cart software, Smooth Design has taken care to include a variety of helpful features in Commerce, its flagship shopping cart software package. These E-ommerce solutions include options such as an inventory module, a downloadable products module, volume pricing, price-based shipping. Call now for a quote on our E-commerce solutions and a live demo of our shopping cart software in action.

Check also our secure Accounting Transaction Manager

Content Management Tools

With our enterprise-level content management system, massive websites can be easily managed in an organized fashion. This system holds most site content in a database that is separate from the actual design elements. Data-driven websites of this nature offer many advantages over static HTML pages - for example, a site-wide redesign entails recoding a single master template, rather than hundreds (if not thousands!) of individual HTML pages. The result is a dramatic savings in site maintenance costs.

This type of system is great for large associations, E-publications, entertainment venues, and other websites that must continually post a great deal of time-sensitive information on their sites on a regular basis. The client can perform sophisticated updates and ongoing site maintenance using easy-to-use "back-end" site management tools without having to become an expert in HTML. Best of all, this system is flexible, so that the website design won't have a "cookie cutter" look and feel.

Website Design . . . and More

When it comes to helping our clients prosper on the Web, Smooth Design is a "soup-to-nuts" solution, a one-stop shop offering a variety of professional, integrated Web services. In addition to our E-commerce solutions and content management systems, these services include:

  • website design
  • custom application development
  • Internet marketing

Our custom application development projects range from high-end data parsing to feature-rich online store fronts with integrated real-time transactions, shipping calculations, and order fulfillment tools.

We provide website design services to a wide variety of organizations, large and small, including retail, manufacturing, financial, entertainment, nonprofit, association, and corporate clients. Whether you want a simple - but elegantly designed - static online brochure, or something more visually rich and exciting, Smooth Design delivers what the customer wants, on time and within their budget. When it comes to website design, we are experts at making your site both good-looking and functional.

But we don't stop there.

We can also market your site effectively as a way of driving significant, targeted traffic to your pages. Because even an award-winning website design, if it doesn't have visitors, might as well not exist. So don't let us just build your site. Let us also help you get the visitors you deserve.

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